Cox Homelife: A Comprehensive Review

Cox Homelife

Cox expertly adapts its experience in home network security into its smart home system that’s convenient, affordable, and easy to use even for those who are not particularly tech-savvy.

Cox isn’t primarily a smart home company, the recognition of this is one of the greatest strengths of Cox Homelife. It works seamlessly not just with Cox’s own apps and devices, but also with some of the best-reviewed smart home products from August, Ecobee, Kwikset, Phillips Hue, TP-Link, and more.

Cox Homelife is available with Cox Internet through Cox customer service. Here’s our complete review of Cox’s smart home service.

Cox Homelife: An Overview

Cox Homelife is a home automation service designed for the average homeowner. It includes all the essential features we look for in a home automation service, with an emphasis on ease of use and convenience.

Cox Homelife requires Cox Internet and Panoramic WiFi service and is available to new customers as part of a package. Everything is controlled via the Panoramic WiFi app, which also controls the Gateway and the home network.

The service works with Cox HD Cameras, Video Doorbell, and compatible smart home devices from other brands such as August, Ecobee, and Phillips Hue. It includes Continuous Video Recording for up to four cameras, which allows you to record and review 24/7 motion detection footage for up to ten days.

Cox Homelife comes with an Easy Connect self-installation kit. The app guides you through the process of setting up the Gateway and the cameras. A professional installation option is also available at an additional fee.

Notable Features

Works With Your TV

Cox works seamlessly with Contour TV or the Contour Stream Player allowing you to monitor your home on your TV from the comfort of your couch. You can see and manage all your smart cameras and devices on your TV—but it gets better.

With Contour Voice Remote, you can monitor and control your smart home with your voice while you’re watching TV. Just press the voice button and say something like “show doorway camera,” and you’ll instantly see the feed on your TV. You can also remotely lock the door, change the temperature or dim the lights all without ever having to leave the couch.

Added Protection with Panoramic WiFi

Cox Homelife works via the Panoramic WiFi Gateway. You add and manage a Video Doorbell and smart HD cameras through the Panoramic WiFi app which comes with the service.

Panoramic WiFi has an added security system called Advanced Security. It keeps internet users on your WiFi network from visiting potentially harmful websites, but more relevantly, it prevents unknown sources from gaining access to your smart cameras. It also scans all your smart devices for threats 24/7 and notifies you if something suspicious is detected.

In case a device is compromised, you can block it directly from the app and take measures to restore it. Your smart home is secured against local and remote cyber threats in addition to protection against burglary and theft.

Improved Coverage for Large Homes

Large homes need particularly thorough coverage for smart devices. You may not be bothered by WiFi dead spots in areas where you don’t need a high-speed internet connection anyway. However, if you have smart window sensors, smoke detectors, plugs, and lights at every corner, you need proper WiFi coverage.

The Panoramic WiFi Gateway has a built-in router that is powerful enough to provide wall-to-wall coverage in an average home. But if you have a multi-story house, you can improve signal strength with Cox Panoramic WiFi Pods.

Panoramic WiFi Pods implement a technology called mesh WiFi, which is all the rage in WiFi systems these days. Pods work as individual access points and emit their own signals, just like a router. However, they make up a single network with the Panoramic Getaway. This is unlike conventional range extenders that created a separate network of their own to increase the range.

The benefit of mesh WiFi is that all your smart devices are connected to the same wireless network, no matter what access point they’re using. This allows devices at opposite corners of the house to work seamlessly with each other and the central hub. So you can place cameras and sensors where you see fit without any signal strength constraints.

Wide Compatibility

Video doorbells and smart cameras aren’t all Homelife has to offer. Cox partners with some of the industry-smart home brands to make Homelife compatible with products that you may already own.

You can customize your smart home with products ranging from smart thermostats, plugs, keypads, control panels, smoke detectors, locks, and light bulbs to window, motion, and flood sensors.

Compatible smart devices can easily be added to your Advanced Security-protected home network via the Panoramic WiFi app. For automation and advanced management, there’s the Homelife app which allows you to set rules for when you’ll receive alters and video clips.

Is Cox Homelife Right For Your Home?


Out-of-the-Box Cybersecurity

Advanced Security is one of our favorite Panoramic WiFi features for smart homes. Any devices you add to the network are automatically protected against cyber threats. When devices request an update, Advanced Security makes sure they’re not connecting to unknown sources.

While most supported devices are from reputable companies that have built-in security against cyber threats, the extra security layer puts our minds at ease.

Intuitive To Use

Cox Homelife is fairly easy to set up and use even for people who are new to smart home automation. The Panoramic WiFi apps guide you as you set up the cameras while the Voice Remote limits the need to dig through settings every time.

Works Well With Cox Ecosystem

Homelife is an excellent add-on if you’re already considering Cox Internet. If you add a TV plan, you’ll also be able to monitor and control the home from your TV via the Voice Remote.

But cable TV isn’t required if you don’t need it, you can instead get Cox’s streaming device called Contour Stream Player at $5 per month. The steaming box has subscription apps such as Netflix, Max, and Prime Video as well as free apps such as Xumo Play, Pluto TV, Tubi, and YouTube.

Compatible with Numerous Products

Cox Homelife doesn’t limit you to products by Cox. You can choose from tens of devices from major brands and build your smart home the way you imagine it.


Cox Panoramic WiFi Required

You need Panoramic WiFi and Cox Internet to be eligible for Cox Homelife. While we like these services on their own, people who want to use a third-party router and gateway are ineligible.

Limited Availability

Cox Homelife is only available in the 19 states Cox operates. But if Cox Internet is available in your area, you can probably get Homelife too. Our advice, ask Cox customer service if they offer Homelife in your area.

How to Get Cox Homelife

Cox Internet and Panoramic WiFi are required for Cox Homelife. The good news is, Cox offers reasonably-priced packages that include Cox Homelife. Here’s more info on each of these bundles:

Cox Internet Go Fast + Panoramic WiFi + Homelife

This bundle includes 100 Mbps internet, Panoramic WiFi equipment, and Homelife service for $64.99 a month. You also get access to more than 4 million Cox WiFi hotspots with this package. The price is locked for 12 months and there’s a 1-year term contract.

Cox Internet Go Even Faster + Panoramic WiFi + Homelife

With a whopping 500 Mbps max download speed, Go Even Faster is ready to power any modern smart home. This package also includes Panoramic WiFi and Homelife at a monthly price of $98.99 per month. There’s a 12-month price lock and a 1-year term contract.

Cox Internet Go Super Fast + Panoramic WiFi + Homelife

Go Super Fast is the fastest Cox internet plan that’s available everywhere, featuring a max download speed of 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps). With Panoramic WiFi and Homelife, this package costs $128.99 a month for 12 months with a 1-year term contract.


Cox Homelife is an intuitive, convenient, and featureful smart home system that’s designed for the average home. It works with HD cameras and other smart devices from Cox as well as products from some of the reputable brands that Cox partners with. It requires Cox Panoramic WiFi and isn’t available everywhere, but its integration with Cox’s other services makes the add-on worth considering for new and exciting Cox customers.


What is Cox Homelife?

Cox Homelife is a smart home system that’s designed to be convenient, intuitive, and secure against cyber threats. It works with smart home devices from Cox and other partnered brands such as Kwikset, Philips Hue, and Ecobee and is built around Panoramic WiFi.

What cameras work with Cox Homelife?

Cox Homelife only supports cameras from Cox. However, you can add other smart home devices from Cox’s partnered brands such as August, Ecobee, and TP-Link.

Does the Cox Homelife camera have sound?

Yes, Cox Homelife HD cameras have two-way audio, so you can listen to the camera’s surroundings and communicate via the built-in speaker.