Why use animation for social media success in 2023?


Today more than 80% of the US population has a profile on social networking sites. So, that’s 233 million in number – a massive opportunity no marketer would want to miss out on. 

What’s even worth knowing is that in a recent survey, Statista gathered responses from social media marketers. It found out that 68% of the respondents wanted to increase their videos on social media. 

Reason: Videos have the highest dwell time and are a super-effective sales tool for any brand looking to achieve social media success.

Now while everyone is producing videos to grab more cash, it can be tricky at times to cut through the noise and make a memorable impression on your viewers. Remember, everyone has the data and they’ve already dived into the pond of social media videos. 

Question: How do you stand out as a brand? 

How do you make spell-binding videos that don’t just hypnotize the viewer, but also tell the viewers that your brand is unique and has an identity of its own? 

You don’t want to be called a copycat, do you?

The answer to that ugly question is simple, animation. 

In this blog, I’ll help you figure how you can use animation for your social media success in 2023. So, read on to reap nuggets of gold!

Animated video or Gifs can drive excitement

Brand events are one of the most profitable tools to expand network, and build meaningful relationships both in the industry and with excited customers. Events used to be a once or two a year thing.

But today, they’ve picked up as a prominent networking tool in the B2B space. Events have the potential to convey your message faster and with greater impact. Posting or sharing about your blockbuster events doesn’t need to be simple, anymore. 

You can use a branded GIF or a short-animated video call out for more sign ups. Animation can even work absolutely fine when you need to build hype around the event. 

Countdowns, guest reveal, and much more can be tweaked well with simple, yet eye-catching animations. 

Samsung is one of those brands that are known for their animated social posts on Instagram. From festive wishes to the latest launches, everything seems a bit animated just to spike curiosity among viewers. 

If you’re too are thrilled to test out animated gifs, it would be best to consider quality 3d animation services for the job, assuming you don’t have in-house animator to produce something truly magical. 

Animated videos can showcase brand values

Corporates and even brands today rely on a strong persona that aligns well with their customers. Similarly, they share certain values with customers, which compel them to visit them again and again, and turn into loyal buyers. 

Values, goals and objectives of a brand may change with the passage of time. To reveal to your fans what’s your next wonder, there will always be a story to tell. One amazing way to unveil that story is through animation. 

Tell the story behind your unique brand values, and commitment towards the greater community using animation. Animated videos will not only help you showcase brand values, but elicit a heart-warming response from your excited viewers. 

When posted on social media, such videos can be the reason why visitors will remember you, and return to the page to engage, question, and even buy from you again and again. 

Animated videos have the potential to tell that story better than any medium chosen. So, consider investing in animated videos. 

Animated videos can emphasize on your copy

Sometimes, even the simplest form of animation can do wonders for you. Remember, you don’t always need to animate everything. In fact, the animations that are more memorable are rather simple. 

Simply animating objects or power words of your copy can make a big difference. Using motion graphics to animate objects can tell a story on their own. Uber Eats has done that a number of times. 

So, if you want to fill your mind with inspiration, make sure to follow their socials. They regularly post animated short clips where they playfully use motion graphics to get the message across. 

Animated tutorials can trigger a mesmerizing effect

Live-action videos are everywhere. You can hire actors and have them talk the audience through your brand or product. But, what do you do when everyone is already doing that. 

Why not test a slightly unique and more creative tactic for such videos? Yes, you can keep your live-action videos. But here’s what you’ll get with animated tutorials. 

Animated tutorials can show animated infographics, which make it easier for your viewers to digest meaningful information in seconds. You can create animated tutorials using both 2d and 3d animation without any trouble. 

You can even choose to post these as short videos, or even produce more long-form content for your YouTube. 

Animated videos can reveal festive celebrations

Users all around the globe attach strong emotions to festive celebrations. So, posting a video or a post might work well to show that your brand values and celebrates their festivities. 

But, that’s exactly what everyone is already doing. Why not play around with some cool animation and change it all up with some blissful colors?

Why not grab their attention, and create a moment of awe. One that’s not just unforgettable, but has actually become a nugget of inspiration for many others. Try out hiring 2d animation services, if you’re unable to do it on your own. 

Wrapping up

Let’s wrap this one up. Above we gave you a thorough explanation of why and how you can use animated videos for social media success. Static posts might have their own value. 

But in most cases, where the competition is getting more stringent, outshining among others is not easy. Static posts or the usual video clips don’t have the luster to make you stand out from the crowd. 

So, it’s best to opt for animated videos to do something more impactful and get known for your unique brand identity.