The Cities Hosting the 2026 World Cup and Who Got Snubbed

The Cities Hosting the 2026 World Cup and Who Got Snubbed

All the football lovers across the globe have a resonant devotion to the sport. And FIFA, the giant organization, plays a vital role in bringing all the passion and fondness of football lovers to life. FIFA (The international governing body for football) arranges football tournaments like World Cup, which is considered the eminent and the biggest tournament globally. 

And to cover this prestigious event, the broadcasting services are striving hard to win the opportunity of providing a smooth and seamless stream of one of the highly honored tournaments. Millions of people tune into these channels and streaming platforms to not miss any precious moment of the game. 

ESPN Plus is one of the notable platforms that provide this perpetual service. As the coming tournament will be held in America, ESPN Plus will surely bring the best possible streaming to the audience. But audiences in the remaining host countries can also switch to this. ESPN Plus in Canada will be available through VPN.

A Global Showdown of Football Superiority

Before bringing the actual action on the field, here comes the exciting bidding process, which makes FIFA even more thrilling off the ground too! This quest to host the tournament is pretty interesting as all the countries interested in hosting the prestigious event submit their proposals to FIFA, which analyzes the things considered necessary for qualifying for the hosting opportunity. 

Later all these details are gauged by FIFA, as the following country is resourceful enough to fulfill and host this mega event. After the prudent analysis, FIFA selects a host country and grants them the honor of embracing the world at their door. It is an exciting process that brings and unites different countries on the same platform.

The host selection of the mega event is set to make history in the football tournament at this time. There will be three countries that will get the honor of hosting it. And the names of those crowned for hosting are places with sporting cultures, like Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Sixteen cities would be involved in accommodating the whole event. Most of the events would be held in the USA: Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Kansas City, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, and New York. and in Mexico, it will be held in Monterrey, Guadalajara, and the Mexican city. And the platforms in Canada would be Vancouver and Toronto. 

Factors that Determine the Country for The World Cup

As we already know what countries will host this epic event, let’s delve into the factors that play a significant role in getting the opportunity to host the World Cup. 


The first and foremost thing that is considered vital to pick a country for hosting the event is that it should have an excellent infrastructure facility. The stadiums where the players will play this magnificent game should be well equipped and vast in space to accommodate the fans comfortably. 

The transportation facilities should also be very considerate, as hundreds of people will visit the host country to witness the action and their favorite sport. The transportation service should be ample to acclimate the overwhelming number of fans and people, and they should not be bothered by the inadequate transport. And the accommodation structure should be flexible enough to adapt to the subjugating number of people. 


The hosting country of this huge event must have the availability of various training facilities. As well as media centers, there would be massive media coverage to capture every movement of the players. 

And the other important thing is to have fan zones, as a hefty amount of people would gather to witness the glory of the quest for the World Cup, so the comfort and feasibility of fans should be considered mandatory.

Administrative abilities 

Another significant thing to consider is the host country should be able to manage massive crowds dexterously, as the more extensive the crowd, the more complicated it would be to organize safety for them, along with the safety protocol for the players.

Pleasing Venture for Fans

The hosting country must have the potential to offer a warm welcome to the fans who covered all a million miles just to witness the dearest sport, a vibrant ambiance along with the cultural exploration activities would do just fine to entertain and engage the crowd.

Financially Stable

The host country’s capability to afford the expenses to fund and endorse the event to the fullest. And that includes sponsorship opportunities too. This factor plays a significant role in declaring the host country. Recently, Alberta has withdrawn its bid to host the 2030 Commonwealth Games. The reason behind this withdrawal was the financial responsibility imposed on the hosting city.

Wrapping Up

The coming FIFA World Cup is undoubtedly going to be action-packed and have nail-biting matches as this time the format of the game is changed too with the inclusion of more teams and the overall tournament will be absolutely unique as the Tri-cities will be hosting it and make it the greatest in the history.