Re-Wiring Made Easy With Wiring Diagrams


Automotive electrical work has gotten exponentially more complex in recent decades, with more high-tech accessories onboard and more automated systems in the vehicle’s core functions that require electronic oversight via computers and sensors. As a result, a wiring diagram is almost as essential a part of your home repair toolkit as a good engine hoist.

Tracking Down Shorts and Connection Damage

The wiring diagram for your vehicle shows each circuit in each system, which relays and load devices are on it, and what fuse governs the circuit. Automobiles have several different circuits operating at a few different load capacities, so finding the right one to work on is a huge step. From there, a wiring diagram will show you where to check for wiring defects and what load devices to check for faulty connections.

Because of the complexity of modern vehicles, many have multiple wiring diagrams to allow for a more detailed presentation. For example, if you are replacing an airbag or ignition switch, you probably want a color code GM steering column wiring diagram, provided you’re working on a GM car, of course. If you are picking out a wiring diagram for a repair you need to do right now, you can often buy the one that fits the systems you are working on separately, rather than investing in a full vehicle wiring schematic.

Adding Accessories and Upgrades

Wiring diagrams are also essential when you are trying to figure out the best way to add new load devices to your vehicle’s existing electrical setup. They will help you locate the best places to patch into a recommended circuit, and they can also help you map out which circuits are suitably under-capacity if there is no recommended circuit in the accessory’s installation instructions. A good wiring diagram can also help you make sense of the wiring harness when doing repairs or maintenance.

When you want to upgrade an existing part or accessory to something that uses more power, the diagram also has the information that will tell you what your limits are and when you might need to retrofit your power system to accommodate a more powerful alternator or additional circuits.

Refresh an Old Ride

Electrical issues become more common on cars as they age, because there is a lot of wiring in a vehicle. It’s just not rare for at least one short to cause problems over the fifteen-plus years most vehicles spend on the road. Often these shorts are in systems where they are brushed off, like an accessory light, but they are a sign you might need a new wiring harness or even a complete rewiring for some circuits.You need the right wiring plan to be able to check things over efficiently, and if you do decide to completely rewire a vehicle you are updating, you will want a map of the territory you’re working on. A wiring diagram is just as important for electrical work as an engine hoist is for engine upgrades. Find the one that fits your vehicle today.