How Much Space Does a Bell Tent Need?

Bell Tent

It is far from a one-size-fits-all situation when calculating the space a bell tent needs. There are varying sizes of bell tents and with each size comes its unique specifications. In this article, we explore how much space is needed to set up the standard sizes of a bell tent (3m diameter through to 6m diameter bell tents) and their unique features. This also doubles as a guide to helping you pick the right bell tent to suit different occasions.

In no particular order:

The 3m Bell Tent

The 3m bell tent is the most common minimum size of bell tents, being 200cm in height and about 60cm in wall height. The 3m bell tent can accommodate two single beds or one double bed. Built to be portable but cosy, it can comfortably sleep one or two persons and is thus best for a single camper or a couple on a romantic getaway. To securely pitch a 3m bell tent, you need a ground space of 500cm (diameter), including staking the guy lines. 

The 4m Bell Tent 

With a centre pole height of 250cm, wall height of 60cm, and about 153cm in door height, the 4m bell bent can comfortably lodge 2 to 4 adults with a bed space allowing at most two double beds. With tent mats or regular sleeping bags, it can sleep 8 kids or 6 adults. To set up a 4m bell tent, you need a footprint diameter of 400cm without guy lines and an extra diameter of 200cm with guy lines. This is a great option for a private party of 3 to 4 friends or a private family getaway of two adults and two kids. 

The 5m Bell Tent 

Coming with a size dimension of 700cm footprint diameter (guy lines inclusive), 300cm in height, 60cm in wall height and a door dimension of 200cm in height and 240cm in width, this is the perfect-sized bell tent for an ideal number of 4 to 6 adult glampers – as it can lodge three double beds or eight sleeping bags with yet ample interior floor space. 

The 6m Bell Tent

The 6m bell tent offers a huge interior space that can accommodate a large group of about 10-12 campers or can be styled as a glamping tent with 4 double air beds or 2 king-sized beds and extra furniture. It will occupy a ground space of 800cm footprint diameter with stretched guy lines and comes in a wall height of 60cm, centre pole height of 350cm and a 200cm door height / 340cm door weight. 

Tip: although every bell tent needs ideally 2m extra from the tents to peg the guy line, this however depends on how long the guy line is and how far from the tent it is allowed to stretch.

While the size specifications represented in this guide are usual for most standard 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m bell tents, dimensions may vary slightly from brand to brand. Nonetheless, whatever size of Boho Bell Tent  you purchase or rent, you are assured your money’s worth and a cosmic experience. What size of bell tent best suits your glamping/camping needs?